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Quick tips to becoming an expert at networking

Networking events can be a daunting task for just about anyone, even for those who have been going to these Events for quite some time now, especially when it comes to the thought of not only having to represent your Business but how you are coming across as yourself also.

It can be a truly nerve wracking experience for some. Maybe even putting people off from going to their next event.

So what is the solution? With these helpful tips you will become a networking pro and be able to impress your peers in no time whatsoever.

Prepare ahead of time:

One thing in particular which can cause worry, is when a person feels unprepared or is unsure of what they are supposed to be saying to the people they meet on the day or how to instigate a meeting with someone.

To avoid this, it is worth making some notes ahead of time, outlining how you are going to approach the conversations, and even the person themselves.

Doing a dummy run of the day, and knowing your destination will help take away those initial nerves and will leave you time to compose yourself before going on.

Listen to the other person:

When you are at a networking event, the idea is to talk to people in hopes of bringing in new customers, clientele or finding a way of partnering up with another business in some way.

This is apparent and something everyone will be out to do, but something to remember, as much as you are talking, it is wise to listen to those around you just as much.

Show them that you care about what they are saying, be personable and allow them to see someone who they could see themselves working with in the future.

Build authentic relationships:

When you do get the opportunity to speak, make sure that it is something which will add some form of value to the conversation, and information which will be of assistance and of interest to the person you are conversing with.

This could highlight something which could lead them to wanting another meeting again down the line and connect further, and even if they are not your targeted customer, they may just know someone who is.

Don’t count anyone out and make sure to always follow up with any connections made. Keep those relationships building!

Be 100% Yourself: 

No matter what happens on the day, the most important piece of information to take with you to any networking event, is to be yourself completely.

It adds a real personality to the business you are trying to promote and makes it easy for others around you to want to approach and speak with you.

Not being yourself, can be very apparent to those you choose to talk with and very quickly, possibly leading to a lack of trust in you and what you provide. However, when people see you for who you are, it makes for a more honest conversation and will have a more positive outcome in the long run.