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West Midlands House

Nant Ltd with West Midlands House

Reviving Connections and Where It All Began

Back in the 1990s at West Midlands House we were just making a name for ourselves as a business centre here in the Black Country, things were quite different then for companies who needed office space, but we were the ideal solutions for many small or young businesses and one of the very best business centres to offer flexible serviced business accomodation of our style.

Over the last 30 years hundreds of local businesses have started out from West Midlands House, something we are extremely proud of. One of those businesses is now the well-known leading water safety company Nant Limited who have grown into an award-winning company. Founded in 1994 they now employ 60+ staff, service over 4000 premises and operate from Wolverhampton.

Having met up again recently with the team we couldn’t miss the opportunity to reminisce about old times and show them how their old premises has evolved, we had a great visit and it was obvious that our two companies had both done extremely well and could still potentially support each other as Black Country enterprises.

When Jamie and the team came back for a look around they were impressed with the great facilities on offer and decided to hose their management coaching from this location. We have been so pleased to have Nant Limited at West Midlands House to host their event with us. It’s been a real pleasure to catch up with both the original founders and the new generation of Directors taking the business forward. There have been a lot of memories shared and celebration of both businesses success over the years.

“It’s such a pleasure to be able to not only be a part of but follow a previous client’s story and see how far they’ve come. Our whole ethos is based around helping support our clients in their growth and Nant have gone on to achieve amazing things, having them back with us this week has felt like having them as part of the WMH family again. Jamie and his team are doing a great job and are delightful to work with.” – Jeni Sellick, Business Centre Manager at West Midlands House.

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“Going back to West Midlands House was extremely nostalgic for myself. I first attended the office back when I was a teen. In fact, I was on work experience. The office at the time was very different. Wonky white walls and uneven flooring throughout. There was a café upstairs that I couldn’t always find due to the obscure layout and the makeshift chemical store was reminiscent of ‘the chokey’ from Matilda, all leaking pipes and broken glass.

The transformation is unbelievable. The reception is warm and welcoming, there is an abundance of board rooms and newly refurbished offices, even an open working space that Jeni designed. Luckily, we were able to spend time in this room during our experience.

We loved the time being back at West Midlands House and will return very soon, there is a buzz around the place and ambition to pull businesses together to improve the area and make things happen.” – Jamie Green, Director at Nant Ltd

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