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At West Midlands House we have created a work centred environment, conducive to evoking creativity and kindling networking opportunities, with likeminded individuals. We recognise that there has been an uplift in individuals looking for spaces to work and seeking out hubs that will cater for adaptable work patterns.

Our co-working space in the new XChange Suite is very flexible with easy, secure access. There is an element of real ‘space’ within the workspace itself. There is a choice to either pick to work at a desk collaborating with other people; or sit alone in order to focus on the job in hand. There is a real feeling of freedom and adaptability.

Users can choose to take a long break in the afternoon, and come back another time resulting in optimal work-life balance which is a real plus point and desirable element. There is huge scope for flexibility here at West Midlands House and we welcome this.


The launch of the new coworking space, the XChange Suite has enabled West Midlands House to fully accommodate this change in the working pattern for our client base, and allow for a more holistic and engaging work-life environment.

Based on membership rather than contractual tenancy, the all-new coworking XChange will offer an office solution to a wider range of users from home workers to regional visiting staff. Members will be able to:

  • Work in a relaxed environment
  • Absorb the creative ambience
  • Enjoy the inclusive coffee bar and cosy lounge area
  • Take advantage of the free high-speed internet… and more!

Get a taster of how flexible the office is. Get an ideal of what the commute would be like or the speed of the WiFi. Take the time to soak in the ambience of the modern interiors and assess the spacial capacity for your business needs. All this without the pressure of an immediate commitment, before transitioning to a long-term arrangement.

With more home and remote workers looking for an occasional or variable office environment, our brand new XChange Suite will be ready to offer you high-quality workspace solutions and more later this summer!

Chat now with our professional and supportive team who are on hand to support your coworking journey by calling 0800 520 0772 or emailing: sales@westmidlandshouse.com or via the website here.