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The Benefits of Virtual Offices

During the pandemic, virtual offices have become an increasingly popular option as many businesses are seeing the advantages of not having a physical workspace. These benefits include:


Corporate Address

The biggest benefit of virtual offices is that your address does not have to be shared anywhere. Although working from home has its benefits, many businesses don’t feel comfortable sharing their home address on business listings. Having a virtual office removes this privacy issue by providing an address in which you can register your business, and use it for all business listings including, on social media and your website.

A corporate address also appears more professional to potential customers. 


Local number

Having a virtual office also provides you with a local number that your customers can call. Your serviced office answers with your company name plus, they will supply you with details of the call as required. This not only frees up time for you to focus on your business rather than taking calls. But also gives your customer a professionally answered local number which they can contact your business.


Location freedom

Your virtual office does not need to be in the same geographical location as you are. This allows you to reach a wider audience and creates the appearance your business is at a larger scale. The freedom of location allows you to hire from a wider talent pool as you’re not limiting yourself to only those within a short distance from your office. It also assists you in your online marketing efforts.



A serviced office will manage your post for you, automatically filtering out spam. They will usually scanned and email them to you. This means, all your inquiries (including phone calls) are sent to you in the same way at your convenience. The service office teams also can print and post your documents. 


Access & Discounts! 

Using a virtual office membership ensures preferential rates for meeting rooms. This means a professional environment for face to face communication is ready waiting for you as and when you need it. Furthermore, you won’t be paying monthly fees for an office which is only used on occasion. 


Here at West Midlands House, we pride ourselves on offering support and services for businesses of all levels and all needs. We understand that not everyone will want (or need) a physical office. And as such offer virtual offices and services to give you the freedom and flexibility to grow your business without tying you down to a physical office space. 


If you like the sound of a virtual office, more information on our virtual services and our packages can be found here

If you would like to talk to us about using our virtual services you can contact us on:

sales@westmidlandshouse.com or 0800 520 0772.


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