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3 proven ways to reduce stress in your workplace immediately

Feeling stressed out in your workplace or know someone who is? Read this and find out how you can make your workplace a better place to be for yourself and your colleagues!

No matter what business you work for, sector or role you hold within a business, you will have faced some form of stress in your working life.

This is something no one is going to be exempt from, and even if at first it seems as though people have it all together, it doesn’t mean they have. In fact, they could very well be going through something difficult right now and we would never know.

People face adversity and troubles differently and will have varying ways of combating their true feelings, whether being healthy for them or not.

Here are three simple tips to help you reduce your stress at work, and make the working environment around you more of a relaxed one for yourself and your colleagues.

Make time for breaks:

One thing to remember, is that you are always entitled to breaks throughout the working day. You are not expected to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When things seem to be getting out of hand and you know you need to take those five minutes away from your desk, get up and take it.

After all, it is recommended that a person should take regular short breaks as a way to take a breather and recompose themselves, which usually leads to a better work flow and performance from that person.

Take a walk around the office:

Exercise of any kind is known to release a feel good hormone throughout the body, making it easy to release that built up tension inside. But whats more, walking in particular can help to improve your memory and remember those ever so important finer details.

Next time that huge business meeting or presentation you have coming up comes around, allow yourself to walk around the office and free your mind of worry and replace it with what is needed.

Know what your limits are:

Any position you face within your company will come with those difficult to face challenges and situations and knowing how to face them without allowing them to get out of control or the best of you can sometimes be easier said than done.

You may even find yourself taking on tasks in areas you haven’t come across before and just expected to have it done and fully completed by a specified time.

It’s okay to say that things are getting too much for you, to ask for assistance from your colleagues or to even enquire about a push on the deadline. You are only human after all.

Once you know where the problem lies and what you can do to improve the situation around you, you can begin to move forward and get the most out of work. 

Don’t let stress take over your life. Talk to someone today!

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