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Why every web designer should embrace site builders

Is Design really that important for your Business to grow and gain momentum quicker?

Just like when they say we eat with our eyes first, as a consumer, we also purchase with our eyes before making a conclusion about anything. It’s an unfortunate truth, yes, but that is the way things are.

For a Business to be a viable option or supplier for any audience, it needs to first be branded accordingly by the industry with which it is in. This should be done in a way which will best showcase and highlight the Services or Products a company is selling to their audience.

This is why many Businesses, both small and corporate, will have a Marketing and Design team. This will be either in house or working remotely who will work around the clock in order to build a brand image which works. It will also be the initial window to entice possible customers/clients to visit or circulate further around the Website and other brand materials.

Why does your Business need Design?

Making a lasting Impression

As they say for just about anything, whether for an interview or maybe just meeting someone for the first time. First impressions always count. With design this is no different.

No matter what your Business aims or goals are, the impression taken by visitors should end with the same outcome. This is persuading the customer to want more from you and your company.

With just about 3 seconds to impress someone, before losing interest. It is imperative that a person remembers you for the right reasons. Also, that their attention is maintained long enough for them to continue on and further their journey with you.

Creating Brand Consistency

Brand Consistency is one of the most important elements to remember. As you go through the process of building a Business or maintaining the audience already acquired previously.

This is usually done through establishing brand guidelines early on in the Businesses running, outlining colour schemes, logo sizes and fonts.

This not only shows what can and can’t be done with the design scheme, but also keeps everything running smoothly throughout all future materials produced, both online and offline.

Being consistent helps the consumer move from just browsing, to actually wanting to progress through the sales tunnel. The more consistent a brand is, the more recognisable it will seem to an audience, thus helping to build that business/customer trust you truly need.

Tell a Story to your Audience

Once your brand identity has been established, it’s time to implement it into what is known as your Businesses story or journey.

Returning to the above point of brand consistency, the design integrated throughout needs to flow no matter which avenue is being used for promotion.

This should then allow for all messages being conveyed and relayed to your audience to remain the same. Also, then compliment everything else done done previously when pushing content towards your audience.

The design together with the website/Social Media content, should come together. So, it will truly speak volumes for who your company actually is and what you stand for.

Your audience wants to see a more personable side. Even if what you are selling, is more towards the Corporate and Enterprise end of the business spectrum. However, this doesn’t mean you have to lose sight on the customer base you are selling too or the industry you in.

Relevance and target market are key!

So there you have it, three tried and tested ways in which your Business and brand can be hugely impacted by design and why you should consider investing time and money into your Website and social media platform design right this second.


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